Happy Customers

Love!! My first born preferred holding it with two hands and crinkling it while she chewed it and my second born loves wearing it and crinkling it and chewing it. We really like that it provides a variety of sensory elements!

– Danielle

My wee man is only 10 weeks but chewing his hands like crazy! He has not fully learned how to hold things and keeps dropping chew toys so this is a great idea (plus his hands are currently his favorite thing to chew so double score haha). It is equipped to go on either hand too which is nifty. There is also a "crunchy paper like" feel and sound on one side which is interesting to him. It comes in many colors and designs. Overall would buy again and a great gift! 🎁

It comes with a carry/wash bag and cleans easily. His little hand does get sweaty so I make sure to wash his hands after using it. Would recommend and have to my mom friends. 😀

– Kristen

This is absolutely genius! My 2 month old has already started teething and this is a great way for him to have a teether since he is still learning to grasp!

– Heather H.

I like how the Munch Mitt stays on my son's hand, instead of him able to throw it to the ground. My son will be 6months 7/27/18. I sure wish I came across it sooner!

– Paula C

My 6 month old loves his Chew Cube. He’s teething and just started to use his hands for more than just chewing so this product allows him to teeth on its soft corners while he learns the dexterity of his little hands.

– Meghan

GET THIS! This is perfect for my teething son! His hands are always in his mouth and he's always trying to bite something. This mitt is perfect for that. Easily washable and the silicone makes it easy to wipe off too. It comes with it's own personal bag to keep it in too.

– Rosebud

My twins loved the Munch Mitt so when I noticed the Chew Cube was made  by the same company I had to buy my boys one each. It rattles, has mirrors plus it’s a teether and they LOVE it!  They’re 7 months old and they bring them everywhere! To be honest, they use their Munch Mitts when they are tired but they play and teeth the Chew Cube when they’re being active. GREAT product!

– Christine (Hoboken, NJ)

My daughter’s molars are coming in and I could not find anything she liked to soothe her aching gums. Then I saw this pink pineapple teether and she likes it (insert happy mom dancing)! It’s so great because it reaches where her molars are growing in and the cute, soft blanket attached to it catches her drool. We have two now so when I wash one, I have the other for back up!

– Erin Wolversly

My drool machine is 9 months old and is constantly chewing on everything and anything he can get his hands on. I saw this cactus teether/blankey and thought I’d buy it to see if he would use it. Luckily he did!! The edges of his crib will not have his beaver teeth chewing on them anymore!! 

– NY Mother

I bought my son 3 and he loves them! He loves the crinkling sound along with gumming/teething the mitten! I highly recommend you munch mitt! I am a very satisfied costumer. Literally recommend if you’re little ones like eating the hands like mine did!

– Elizabeth

Just bought the munch mit for my almost 4 month old and he loves it! He can't grab anything yet but was eating hands a lot and as soon as I put this on he loved it! Would highly recommend.

– Whitney

Just got my son one, and omg it’s amazing. He will sit and gnaw on this forever. It’s the only thing we’ve found so far that actually works!

– Ashely